It's Read-a-Thon Time!

Be sure to help your student find extra time to read this week so they can earn their fun prizes each day. All minutes count until Sunday, 9/16 at 8:00 pm. Ask family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor your child to read. You might be amazed at people's excitement to encourage your child to read! They can donate online by following the links below or write a check that you can include when you return your read-a-thon envelope. All donations help make Granbery an even more amazing school, and we'd love to see everyone participate in any way they can. There are lots of fun prizes at many different donation levels, so read your packet carefully for details. And don't forget to participate in fun days so your child's class can earn a party!!


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Fun Days are out of SSA for all who are participating

by dressing up, reading, and gathering sponsors.


Monday 9/10: “Outside In!”: Wear clothes inside out


Tuesday 9/11: “Get Lost in a Good Book”: Wear camouflage


Wednesday 9/12: “Cloudy with a Chance of Rain”: Dress for a rainy day (rain coat, rain boots, poncho, etc.)


Thursday 9/13: “Where the Wild Things Are”: Wear animal prints and bring a stuffed animal


Friday 9/14: “Camp Out with a Good Book”: Pajama day, bring favorite book and stuffed animal for a special reading time during the school day 



Read-a-Thon Guidelines

  • Reading before and after school counts.
  • Being read to by other people counts.
  • Reading aloud to the dog, cat, fish, or any other pet, counts.
  • Reading aloud to other people counts. If you read to someone who is also participating in the Read-a-Thon, it counts for both of you!
  • Reading under the bed covers, with a flashlight, late at night counts (but only if it’s OK with your parents!).
  • Assigned reading homework counts (including book report reading).
  • Reading magazines and newspapers counts.
  • Practicing sight words counts for Kindergarteners and First Graders.
  • Reading in the rain, on a train, in a box, or with a fox, counts.
  • Reading before the official beginning of the Read-a-Thon does not count.
  • Reading instead of doing other homework does not count.
  • Reading during class time does not count except for teacher-designated time on Fun Days.


Reading Log


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All prizes are awarded per student, not per family.

  • The student who collects the most money and also reads 100 minutes or more will win a Kindle Fire.
  • The student who logs the most minutes read and also raises $50 or more will win a Kindle Fire.
  • Every child who collects a minimum of $50 and reads a minimum of 100 minutes will be eligible to enter a Participation Drawing for a Kindle Fire.
  • The top dollar-earning class in the school wins a pizza and ice cream party.
  • The top dollar-earning class in each grade wins a popcorn party.
  • The class with the most Fun Day dress-up participation in each grade wins a cookie party.
  • The ten top dollar-earning students receive a pass for a free visit to the CRAG climbing gym.
  • Special rock-climbing gym field trip to the CRAG during school for all students who raise a minimum of $200 and read a minimum of 100 minutes
  • Campfire with s’mores during school for all students who raise a minimum of $100 and read a minimum of 100 minutes
  • Silly String Gauntlet for students who raise a minimum of $50 and read a minimum of 100 minutes
  • Out of SSA Pass on September 28th for all students who participate in the Read-a-Thon
  • For each 20 minutes read during the week of Fun Days, students will earn a small prize from their classroom teachers.



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