2018-2019 Granbery Faculty


First Name Last Name email Role Favorite Things
Kate Affainie kathryn.affainie@mnps.org Music Click here!
Alexandria Alspach alexandria.alspach@mnps.org Exceptional Education  
Colleen Aydelott colleen.aydelott@mnps.org PE Click here!
Jackie Barrow jackie.barrow@mnps.org Paraprofessional  
Gihan Bassily gihan.bassily@mnps.org Paraprofessional Click here!
Melanie Blake melanie.blake@mnps.org 1st Grade Click here!
Gayla Bradley gayla.bradley@mnps.org LTDS  
Chavonne Butler chavonne.butler@mnps.org Kindergarten Click here!
Gretchen Campbell gretchen.campbell@mnps.org 3rd Grade Click here!
Judy Chunn judy.chunn@mnps.org Assistant Principal Click here!
Taylor Crawley morgan.crawley@mnps.org 2nd Grade Click here!
Sherry Culler sherry.culler@mnps.org 2nd Grade Click here!
Andrea Davis andrea.davis@mnps.org 3rd Grade Click here!
Mandy DeMontbreun amanda.demontbreun@mnps.org 2nd Grade  
Jennifer Dickinson jennifer.casiello@mnps.org Art Click here!
Layton Dyess layton.dyess@mnps.org Kindergarten Click here!
Joseph Fedoris joseph.fedoris@mnps.org PE  
Elizabeth Frein elizabeth.frein@mnps.org Art Click here!
Allison Gallagher allison.gallagher@mnps.org Exceptional Education Click here!
Vicki Gore vicki.gore@mnps.org Exceptional Education  
Ambralin Griggs ambralin.griggs@mnps.org 3rd Grade Click here!
Catherine Hancock sara.hancock@mnps.org 1st Grade Click here!
Brittney Hannah brittney.hannah@mnps.org 1st Grade Click here!
Chad High chad.high@mnps.org Principal Click here!
Theresa Hill theresa.hill@mnps.org 2nd Grade Click here!
Karen Jarratt karen.jarratt@mnps.org English Language Learners  
Kelley Jones kelley.jones@mnps.org English Language Learners  
Londyn Kasinger londyn.kasinger@mnps.org Kindergarten Click here!
Sharon Kelley sharon.kelley@mnps.org 3rd Grade Click here!
Kellie Mark kellie.mark@mnps.org English Language Learners Click here!
Angela Kovach angela.kovach@mnps.org 4th Grade Click here!
Nandini Krishamurthy nandini.krishnamurthy@mnps.org Paraprofessional  
Brittany Madden brittany.madden@mnps.org Kindergarten Click here!
Molly Martin molly.martin@mnps.org 1st Grade Click here!
Emily McCraw emily.mccraw@mnps.org 1st Grade Click here!
Meredith Middlebrooks meredith.middlebrooks@mnps.org Guidance Click here!
Marlene Miller marlene.miller@mnps.org 4th Grade Click here!
Becky Miyano rebecca.miyano@mnps.org 3rd Grade Click here!
Gail Mondelli gail.mondelli@mnps.org Finance  
Barbara Moses barbara.moses@mnps.org Library Click here!
Erin Myers erin.myers@mnps.org Speech  
Crystal Owens crystal.owens@mnps.org Guidance Click here!
MaryClare Park maryclare.langan@mnps.org 4th Grade Click here!
Paula Pendergrass paula.pendergrass@mnps.org Encore Click here!
Theresa Penn theresa.penn@mnps.org 4th Grade Click here!
Claire Peterson claire.peterson@mnps.org 1st Grade Click here!
Anne Phillips anne.phillips@mnps.org Kindergarten Click here!
Kelsey Plattenburg kelsey.plattenburg@mnps.org Kindergarten Click here!
Rojeen Rahman rojeen.rahman@mnps.org 2nd Grade Click here!
Melanie Richardson melanie.richardson@mnps.org 3rd Grade Click here!
Kelly Roberson kelly.roberson@mnps.org Kindergarten Click here!
Dalia Shenouda dalia.shenouda@mnps.org Paraprofessional  
Lee Ann Smith leeann.smith@mnps.org 4th Grade Click here!
Stacie Stark stacie.stark@mnps.org 1st Grade Click here!
Marla Streit marla.streit@mnps.org Library Click here!
Renna Taylor renna.taylor@mnps.org 3rd Grade Click here!
Amy Thompson amy.thompson@mnps.org PE  
Ryan Thornton meredith.thornton@mnps.org Exceptional Education Click here!
Chris Ward christina.ward@mnps.org Coach Click here!
Amanda Weels amanda.wells@mnps.org Exceptional Education Click here!
Mary Kay Wigginton marykay.wigginton@mnps.org 2nd Grade Click here!
Breana Wilkins breana.wilkins@mnps.org 2nd Grade Click here!
Patti Willhite patricia.willhite@mnps.org Kindergarten Click here!
Shonnel Williams shonnel.williams@mnps.org Security  
Vicki Wilson victoria.wilson@mnps.org 4th Grade Click here!
Jessica Wright jessica.wright@mnps.org 3rd Grade Click here!
Katie Wyant kathleen.wyant@mnps.org Kindergarten Click here!


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